Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Art From The Heart

Last weekend this bed & breakfast atop Holly Hill fully served its purpose once more. Laughter, singing and creativity just oozed from the seams of wall and window. I know this old house was smiling as always. A group of friends gathered here for some time away. With their approval,I'm sharing the thoughts they put on paper:

“Retreat! Retreat!...girls lets go…one final fling before the madness begins, school time. Let’s escape to some place peaceful and let the beauty of nature inspire us. Inspire us to create something beautiful to take back and share with others. Off we'll go to the B&B for a weekend away together. We’ll paint, eat, paint, eat, sleep a little then repeat the same routine tomorrow.”

Our group of women has begun to try and help bring visual arts back into the church. So, we listen to the Word being delivered through sermons, praise, and prayer. Then we begin to paint our interpretations of that Word for display. We have classes to teach basic techniques and principles of art helping those with less experience. Amazing creations have been born and more importantly, it has been a real spiritual awakening or re-awakening for many artistically enemic or challenged.

In the midst of God’s creation, our creative juices flow more freely so we wanted to position ourselves to hear from God and express visually what God was putting on our hearts. We call this “Prophetic Art”, art from the heart, ABBA ART, for the Father, from the Father.

The Lord led us to Holly Hill where we transformed the sun porch into an art studio in a matter of minutes. We discussed how God has moved and where He is leading us personally. Then we made plans for future art workshops to share with others. Divine connections with kindred spirits occurred and we just played and created to our hearts content. Just the art spark we needed before going back to the real world with summer drawing to an end.
Toni, Tara, Sherry, and Paula

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