Sunday, August 26, 2007

Apron Strings - The "how's, why's, and what's" - most frequently asked questions.

How do you get your towels so soft and your sheets so crisp? Why do they smell so good? What kind of detergent do you use?
Guests here often ask these questions. The solution is pretty simple. Remember, it's usually best to keep things simple. As for softness, most people use too much detergent. Different washers have different needs just like any other appliance. Use only enough soap to make the water slick in your fingers, and this amount will still allow it to do it's cleaning job. Cut back on the amount you use then check the water after the agitation has started. If you decrease the amount again for the next load you wash and the water no longer feels slick, then you need to add a little more. Also, it's nice to use the biodegradable detergents from sources such as Amway or Melaleuca. They are both super stores that you buy a membership too and have wonderful products. We should do our part in trying to improve and protect our environment. I like to promote companies that do so as well.
The fresh smell of my sheets and towels is from air drying them outside on my wooden post clothes line. I built it myself and you can too. I remember years ago shortly after moving to a house just outside the city limits. My neighbor and new friend suggested that I not hang clothes out to dry. "It just wasn't in good taste. Only trashy people hang out laundry." Where I grew up we only had one class of people I guess. We all hung out laundry, rich and poor alike. Hanging out beautiful white sheets and hand embroidered pillow cases just brightens my day. I am rewarded with a contentment like no other when I slide between the crisp white cotton after a long day of hard work. I would be sad without my clothes line.
I only half dry my towels outside to save energy and get that nice scent. I finish the drying in the clothes dryer to get softness. It is really better for our health to dry with a scratchy towel but this topic would be better, discussed at a later date.
Happy Laundry Day! I hope you all get to have a clothes line experience!


Brin said...

You MADE that clothesline... yourself? Wow. You blow me away.

Couldn't agree more. I don't even own a dryer, although I may get one before winter sets in again. I love the clothesline. Makes me actually look forward to laundry....

And your sheets (and beds) ARE the best, by the way. Truly the best.

Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Sending my laundry right over Jolene - just kidding!!
Growing up in England we always hung our clothes and linens out on the line with pegs - my Mother was always sewing neat "peg bags" out of pretty fabrics.

I've tagged you - read my blog.

Mary said...

Hi Jolene - your e-mail came into my spamblocker but I've been unable to move or open it. Please resend - I'll add you to my address book.
Thanks, Mary.

Mary said...

Me again - it's OK, I've been able to open your e-mail now!! Thanks for the sweet comment - let's keep in touch.

Joni said...

I, too, enjoy and actually savor being able to hang my clothes and linens out on the clothesline, on a breezy day there is nothing more satisfying. It's a small joy that makes our days something special! And, our "neighborhood" (farm country) all of us do it! I actually love driving past a old farm with a gorgeous yard, the outbuildings and barns, seeing some laundry flapping in the breeze just seems to make everything perfectly homey!

Love your blog!