Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sweet Land Of Liberty

Welcome to my new blog!! I have no idea what I'm doing but it's fun to try.

This photo is of my Tim's father taken during WWII. He was a fighter pilot flying an F6F (Hellcat). By the way the family resemblance is very strong. I'm sure Tim's mother thought he was very handsome in his flight suit.

July 4Th and patriotic music always make me a little soft and fuzzy. Why? I'm not sure...only that I begin thinking about this great land in which I am so privileged to live. I think about all those men and women who have given their lives...for me and my family. What can I do that would even compare to that? It makes me shed tears of sorrow and pride with love and joy all mixed in.

When I was a little girl my family joined a horse riding club that performed during special events and parades. There was always beautiful patriotic music playing as the riders moved their horses in flowing patterns or straight lines like soldiers marching down the street. During that time of my life I felt so secure, so safe in America. A little girl from a small ranching town in Nebraska, living a storybook life, going to a safe home each night where there was a mom, dad, brother and sister. We laughed and loved and didn't know danger as children know of danger today. I didn't know the life style my parents provided and their patriotism would make such an imprint on my life.

Forty some years later...I visit that same little ranching town, returning home as often as possible to see old friends and family. There was a parade to attend, floats and convertibles, clowns and loads of people waving. It was a relaxed and safe feeling, children walking several blocks through town to the city swimming pool. Cars were stopping in the street and people saying hello to old friends. There were neighbors setting on soft bluegrass lawns laughing and spending time together. Would I ever love to spend July 4Th there! It seemed storybook, almost like being in a movie.

I love the patriotism in small town America. My little home town of only a few hundred people will hold a fantastic celebration this week. They will honor our war hero's both fallen and standing. Can we keep it, this patriotism? Can we find safety again all across this land?

Being a part of the roots of this America is a great blessing. Taking it for granted is a great sin. "Forgive me Father when I neglect to thank you for blessing this nation; oh sweet land of liberty."

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