Friday, July 6, 2007

In Your Kitchen

In this blog there will be recipes mixed with kitchen stories, ideas and hints. It will be a joy for me to share things I have learned from my forty-plus years of playing with food in my kitchen. For a very long time, I have had the desire to encourage people to get at their own stove and cook. There are several good reasons. Don’t read me wrong; I love to eat out. Being spoiled by a good wait staff is just my kind of thing. The surprise of a beautifully presented entrĂ©e with unforgettable flavors is also a big deal for me. If they wow me, I’ll be back. If I wonder what it is and where it’s been; I won’t. You’ve had that feeling, right? You get the idea?

The growing number of people who eat out several times a week is shocking. In larger cities it is even hard to find a grocery store. Being sort of an old fashioned girl, I don’t understand the concept. If you have time to sit and wait on someone else to cook for you, chances are you could have already cooked it yourself.

I would like to encourage those of you who feel intimidated in the kitchen. Yes, you can cook! Never mind the comment from some family member about your mistakes in the kitchen. Make a stab at a few simple recipes, foods that are your favorites; and then improve on those recipes. Once you are comfortable in your own kitchen, you will create meals that get your family and friends talking, saying wonderful things about you.

Traditionally the kitchen is known as “the heart of the home”. Its true folks, in our society food represents nurturing, affection, dedication and comfort. Let’s take advantage of that truth. When we are in the kitchen together as a family or with friends we will realize the benefits. What a great way to build self esteem in children, teach math skills or talk about your day. Guys, don’t limit those cooking skills to the grill; surprise your wife and join her in the kitchen, unwind from the day…together.


Sue said...

Howdy Cobbler Queen!! I come by way of Brin, love her! You had me at hello or should I say, your "about me" intro, your blog looks very interesting and I can't wait to see more! Recipes too!

Once Upon A Notion said...

Good Morning! I found my over to holly hill from Brin's. I am from Tx, and have in-laws down there in the piney woods. Thanks so much for starting your blog. I cannot wait to read more about your life and loves.

Brin said...


I'm so excited to see what you will teach and show us! Not to put undue pressure on you or anything, but if you don't blog about your tree baskets AND your ginger-growing, I'm coming over there and sitting on you until you do! :D

You inspire and delight me. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful example and friend...